Since Fill was founded in the year 1968 the competent and fair support of our customers has been given priority. To this end Fill Metallbau offers the following services from one single source:


Early Project Support:

Developing a new project is often difficult and time consuming. In this project phase Fill supports the client and his design team by providing advice nurtured from long years of experience. Usually, the realizing party identifies potential savings or technical and/or quality improvements best - he only needs to be asked. Since the financial aspect is often decisive in the planning phase, Fill also provides help in preparing budget estimates.


Tender phase:

Even if a tender, the specification and planning are already at an advanced stage, there may still be unexpected potential lying dormant in projects. These can be identified in a Value Engineering process during the tender phase together with the planner and the client. Specially if it comes to fabrication possibilities and/or installation concepts and the such, Fill will be glad to support you 


Project Phase:

If Fill has convinced as being competent and has been awarded the contract, project managers, designers, draft men, planners, purchasing, competent and skilled workers in manufacturing, a sophisticated logistics system, and, last but not least, experienced installers will be there to fulfil the contract. If a sample or Mock Up's are required, or if the latter have to be subjected to performance tests, this will be performed as quickly as possible in a small sub-project.


Project managers:

The project managers of Fill have long years of experience in the project business. They coordinate all steps, are on top of deadlines, and know how to put things right in difficult situations. Our project managers distinguish themselves by experience and common sense.


Design/Process Planning:

Fill offers in-house planning in 2D and 3D. In case of three-dimensional designs, in particular, technicians have demonstrated their competence over and over. In the starting phase, the last details are cleared with the client and the design team. As soon as planning has reached a sufficiently mature stage and has been approved, we take up execution planning. This is refined together with processs planning to ensure a solid basis for manufacturing. In terms of logistics, process planning will prepare all the necessary planning steps, so that the building components can be delivered to the construction site just in time to be assembled.


Performance Test:

New as well as complex structures, in particular, require rigorous performance testing more and more often. Parts of a structure are assembled and subjected to various performance tests in a test centre. The clients design team tend to select these parts in a way to also get a visual impression of the construction, long before it is installed on site.

Thus, additional quality and safety is ensured, both technically and visually.



At Fill, manufacture is subdivided into four main fields: aluminium fabrication, the sector of steel construction, a separate division for the manufacture of stainless steel, and, last but not least, sheet metal forming, fabricating all that is made of sheet metal, from the panel to the connecting plate. Due to these four divisions Fill Metallbau is flexible enough to manufacture the offered product portfolio entirely via in-house production. If, however, any capacity bottlenecks should occur, Fill may fall back on subsidiaries as well as long-standing partner companies.


Corrosion protection:

Via its certified affiliate Korrotech, Fill has virtually its own in-house facility for corrosion protection measures. Thus, consistent quality assurance is facilitated and ensured. 



For to speed up the installation Fill tries to preassemble as far as possible before components being packaged and prepared for shipment. This is done in case of portals, windows, doors, but also in case of entire façade elements. In the field of special structures and/or steel construction are pre-assembled, especially of complex structures, to ensure a trouble-free installation on site. During preassembly, advertising structures and/or columns are assembled and tested for proper functioning.



As soon as the parts are manufactured and preassembled where possible, they have to be packaged for shipping. Fill takes care to use high-grade packaging including recycled packaging material or reusable packaging. Thus it is ensured that the components arrive undamaged on the construction site, on the one hand, and that environmental burden is kept as low as possible, on the other hand.



In the course of assembling, the façade, the translucent roof, the special structure, or the advertising vehicle takes shape on site. In this field, especially, Fill relies on its own competence. A very large staff of our own assemblers having very good technical training and many years of professional experience ensure the proper implementation of the construction.



The structures realized by Fill Metallbau are supposed to please the customer for a long time. Since the constructions are frequently highly complex, they should be maintained and serviced professionally at regular intervals. In this field, too, Fill provides this service and is a reliable partner for you.