Windows, doors, portals

Doors and portals


Doors and portals are the points of first contact with a building and should welcome visitors warmly. They can be created in various designs, shapes, and colours, and made of various materials. Apart from offering protection against wind and weather, doors and portals should also provide protection against loss of heat, be an escape route, meet requirements of fire protection, afford burglar resistance and noise protection.


A welcoming appearance matching the building, as well as perfect functioning over many, many years requiring as little maintenance as possible - these are the features of a good door or portal that should go without saying. We can fulfil this requirements!



Whether as openings in a wall or embedded in a façade, windows always connect interior and exterior spaces, the public and your privacy, granting views in and out. Being one of the most important elements of a façade, a window's functions  - just as its implemented designs - are almost unlimited. This is true both in terms of building history, architectural theory, as well as of construction. The changing importance of concepts like transparency, design, and style, too, play a major role, in addition to high energy efficiency in times of rising energy costs. Architectural demands on the design, the use of durable materials for manufacture, high energy efficiency, craftsmanship with a gentle touch, sophisticated details, as well as professional installation - these are the components  that a good window is made of.