Special construction & steel construction

Steel construction is called steelwork, where steel is the main material used for the construction of a bearing structures. To this end various rolled steel sections, sheet metals and tubes of different steels are assembled into bearing structures by riveting, welding or bolting. Due to the various ways of processing and a broad range of different sorts, steel offers a multitude of creative options that are in fact almost unlimited. Whether ordinary structural steel, high tensile steels or corrosion-resistant stainless steel - Fill brings metal best in form.


In the façades sector, steel structures feature a comparably high bearing capacity, thus permitting reduced dimensions of profile sections and provides increased transparency. Architects prefer steel because of the design options it offers, and because of the flexibility of the material as well as the manifold ways of combining it with other materials, such as wood, or concrete. If stainless steel is used, the structure will not only be very durable, but the material characteristic will also provide it with a shining surface and thus a special architectural touch.


Another field of application is the heat façade. Therefore the support profiles are welded leak-tight, assembled, connected to each other and flushed with heating water. Thus,  apart from its transparent appearance, the façade also constitutes a heating surface. Its high load capacity, the creative freedom it offers, combined with the appropriate know-how of engineering and processing makes a steel façade the right alternative for adventurous architects and planners - in other words "metal structures best in form".


Whether it be


• façades

• substructures for façades

• roof structures

• structures for exhibitions

• connecting bridges

• half-timbered structures

• stairs or spiral stairs

• etc.,


Fill Metallbau will be glad to implement a great variety of technically challenging solutions.