The facade

The façade is the face of a building. It should add to its character and render a special touch to its appearance, fulfilling architectural as well as functional requirements.  


The façade constitutes the physical boundary layer between interior and exterior spaces, which makes it a component exposed to strain from both inside and outside. People often compare it to the human skin that is able to adjust the energy balance of the body by responding to changing influences and conditions. Consequently, the façade is supposed to afford comfortable interior space to the users of buildings, while positively influencing the energy balance of the latter. How this task is accomplished will largely depend on the determining climatic factors. Therefore, the choice and design of the façade will vary greatly, depending on the geographical setting of a building and the kinds of strain related thereto.


Being the physical boundary layer, a façade mainly provides protection from wind, rain and noise. It also serves the purpose of thermal insulation. Closely interacting with the technical equipment of a building, it influences the energy efficiency of the latter and has a considerable effect on the well-being of the users. Good heat insulation of the façade will usually diminish energy demand, whereas good sun protection will result in a reduction of cooling measures required. Thus the rooms are either suffused with natural light or properly shaded, according to the circumstances. Moreover, both in public and in private sector façades are an important design element, reflecting the use of the building and users as well as visitors will identify its corporate identity. Special façades have other functions, too, such as fire protection, burglary protection, explosion protection. They may also constitute structural building elements, or even serve as energy supplier.


To meet these requirements, we design, manufacture and install multiple variants and combinations of the following types of façades:



• stick system façades in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, or with glass fins, wood etc.

• double skin façades

• unitised system façades

• coupled window façades

• heated façades

• cable truss façades

• back-ventilated sheet metal and glass façades

• stretch metal and perforated sheet façades

• foil cushion façades

• structural glazing façades

• LED advertising façade (activated or static)



The tasks we like best are façades posing a special challenge, for example, three-dimensional and complex ones. Maximum transparency at minimum supporting structures of the most various materials - that's where we can bring our full strengths to bear.

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